Course curriculum

  • 1

    I Am Always On Edge: Learning to Regulate Your Nervous System

    • Introduction

    • Disclosures and Disclaimer

    • Why Am I Always On Edge?

    • A Look at Our Nervous System

    • Autonomic Nervous System

    • Why Am I on Edge?

    • Polyvagal Ladder

    • Recap

    • The Goal of Security and Connection

    • Moving Out of Shut Down

    • Moving out of Fight or Flight

    • Polyvagal Tone

    • The 4th Trauma Response: Fawning

    • Getting Out of the Fawning Response

    • Wrapping Up

    • References


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Sybil Cummin

Hi, I'm Sybil Cummin, MA, LPC, ACS, creator of Rising Beyond Power and Control. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who has specialized in working with victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence for the last decade, including the child victims in these families. In trying to close the gaps in support for victims and survivors, I have created a training website and in-person training opportunities for other mental health professionals and created online courses for continuing education for social workers on I have written an e-book on the subject, and I have run therapeutic support groups for victims of domestic violence since 2014. I most recently created Rising Beyond Power and Control, a community providing hope and support for women healing from domestic violence and narcissistic abuse where members gain access to online courses, resources, community forums, and group and individual support to aid in their healing journey. For more information on me or the Rising Beyond Community, go to

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