About this Course

Do you feel confident in assessing the level of risk with clients who are victims or survivors of domestic violence? Do you feel comfortable creating a safety plan if there is a risk of lethality? This course will provide you the knowledge needed to ask informed questions during the intake process, to assess for safety with even the highest risk clients, and safety plan with them to help ensure their ongoing safety. As a bonus, you will learn how to create safety plans and treatment plans to support these clients. Put the knowledge and skills learned into clinical practice by watching the videos of clinical practice. A workbook is provided with downloadable worksheets.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Chapter 1: Reviewing the Basics of Domestic Violence

  • 2

    Chapter 2: Assessment

    • Initial Assessment/Intake

    • Some Helpful Reminders

    • Some Helpful Reminders, Cont.

    • Maslow's Hierarchy

    • Some Helpful Reminders, Cont.

    • Some Stats on Lethality

    • Some Stats on Lethality, Cont.

    • Initial Intake Session

    • What Should I Ask Her/Him?

    • What Should I Ask Her/Him, Cont.

    • Levels of Safety

    • High Risk

    • High Risk of Lethality

    • Complete an Immediate Safety Plan

    • Another Safety Plan

    • Barriers to Calling Law Enforcement

    • Providing Resources

    • Contacting Child Protective Services

    • Low(er) Level of Risk

    • Reminder of Our Role

    • Always Remember

  • 3

    Chapter 3: Safety Planning

    • Psycho Education

    • Power and Control Wheel in Practice

    • Cycle of Violence in Practice

    • Continuum of Violence in Practice

    • Finding the Fit

    • Finding the Fit: Why Do/Did They Stay?

    • Thank You MST

    • Finding the Fit Example

    • Finding the Fit: Why Do/Did They Stay, Cont.

    • Finding the Fit: Why Do/Did They Stay, Cont.

    • Finding the Fit: Why Do/Did They Stay, Cont.

    • You Have the Fit, Now What?

    • You Have the Fit, Now What, Cont.

    • How Did I Survive? A Positive Fit

    • Clinician Self Care

    • Conclusion

  • 4


    • Assessment and Safety Planning with Confidence - Quiz

  • 5


    • Assessment and Safety Planning with Confidence - Survey

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Creator of Rising Beyond Power and Control

Sybil Cummin

Hello healers. I’m Sybil Cummin, MA, LPC, ACS, and the creator of Rising Beyond Power and Control and the Rising Beyond Community. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who has specialized in working with victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence for the last decade, including the child victims in these families. To help close the gaps for victims and survivors I have created a training program for mental health professionals to increase the opportunities for healing and have created an online survivor community to ensure that there is a safe place to heal. For more information on me or the Rising Beyond Community, go to www.risingbeyondpc.com.