About this Course

Did you know that one in four women and one in nine men will experience domestic violence in their lifetime? Which means that you probably have clients right now who have experienced violence in their relationships. This may or may not be the reason you are working with them, but it is in our clients' best interests that we have a good understanding of how domestic violence works and the best ways to work with these clients. This is a basic course on domestic violence for mental health professionals to help give you an understanding of what you might encounter.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Course

  • 2

    Why is this Important?

  • 3

    What do Victims and Survivors of Domestic Violence Want you to Know?

  • 4

    Domestic Violence Review and Overview

    • What is Domestic Violence?

    • What Should you Remember About the Definition?

    • Common Myths About Domestic Violence

    • Common Myths, Cont.

    • Common Myths, Cont.

    • Wrapping it Up

    • A New Perception of Domestic Violence

    • Power and Control Wheel

    • A Closer Look - Emotional/Psychological Abuse

    • A Closer Look - Isolation

    • A Closer Look - Minimization/Denial

    • A Closer Look - Using the Children

    • A Closer Look - Male Privilege

    • A Closer Look - Economic Abuse

    • A Closer Look - Coercion and Threats

    • A Closer Look - Intimidation

    • Other Forms of Abuse

  • 5

    Cycle vs. Continuum of Violence

    • Cycle of Violence vs. The Continuum of Violence

    • Cycle of Violence

    • How to Use the Cycle of Violence with Clients

    • Continuum of Violence

    • How to Use the Continuum of Violence with Clients

  • 6

    For Your Practice

    • Insight into Practice

    • Insight into Practice, Cont.

    • Insight into Practice, Cont.

    • What's Next

  • 7


    • Domestic Violence: The Basics Quiz

  • 8


    • Closing Video

    • Domestic Violence: The Basics - Your Feedback

Do you know everything you need to know about Domestic Violence?

Review the key aspects of Domestic Violence in order to provide the best support for your clients.


Creator of Rising Beyond Power and Control

Sybil Cummin

Hi, I'm Sybil Cummin, MA, LPC, ACS, creator of Rising Beyond Power and Control. I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who has specialized in working with victims and survivors of narcissistic abuse and domestic violence for the last decade, including the child victims in these families. In trying to close the gaps in support for victims and survivors, I have created a training website and in-person training opportunities for other mental health professionals and created online courses for continuing education for social workers on Continued.com. I have written an e-book on the subject, and I have run therapeutic support groups for victims of domestic violence since 2014. I most recently created Rising Beyond Power and Control, a community providing hope and support for women healing from domestic violence and narcissistic abuse where members gain access to online courses, resources, community forums, and group and individual support to aid in their healing journey. For more information on me or the Rising Beyond Community, go to www.risingbeyondpc.com.